Simplest of Things…

It’s truly amazing how we get so caught up in our daily activities that we can miss some of the simplest, yet greatest, moments in life. So many schedules to keep and meetings to attend. It is difficult to stop and smell the roses, if I am allowed to be cliché for a moment. Now, I realize this is much easier for me to say this now, because I don’t have as much of a strict schedule for a bit. But, I have noticed how having extra time in the morning with the kids, and not being so rushed, allows me to actually enjoy what is easily the most stressful part of my day normally. Not having so many emails to tend to at home, has allowed me to put my phone down more than I have in the last two years, and actually talk more to the kids. Watch shows and movies that I always wanted to, read…a book I actually want to read, with adult plots and sentence structure. It has allowed me to take time for me, to be alone with my thoughts. To write, to paint, to make lists of things I haven’t had the courage to do but always wanted to. 🙂 It has freed me up to enjoy a dance party in the living room for an additional 10 minutes, which in kid land, is like a good year or so. They actually told me they wanted to stop before I wanted to.

I hope that when I find what is coming my way, I will remember that. I will remember to take an extra minute in the morning to watch the kids sleep so peacefully. I will take the extra time to explain to the kids what words like “buttface” mean without getting irritated. I hope I will set the alarm15 minutes earlier than needed so I can have conversations before rushing out the door to live our lives apart for the next 9 hours. Maybe I will allow myself a night a month, or God forbid a week, where I watch crappy tv, because it is just a guilty pleasure that helps your mind unwind. And I hope I will remember how important it is to make time to work out and not feel guilty about it, because that is one of the biggest things that is helping me stay sane right now.

It is interesting how being thrown into a situation, where I have time to smell the roses, has allowed me to take in so much more. The smell is just the tip of the iceberg. The essence of the flower is so much sweeter. I hope I remember that too.


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